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Press Kit

“Fans flocked in by the busload from as far away as Peterborough and beyond to catch his performance.” – The View Magazine

“Many in Vili V’s adoring audience have seen Vili V before, heard his remarkable voice and will follow him anywhere. They sway in their seats; they nearly swoon when he wades into the crowd and shakes hands.” - The Hamilton Spectator

“Vili has a remarkable voice. Vili had them eating out of his hands; all the girls went crazy over him.” – Stoney Creek News

 “Get ready to be captivated.” – Honk Magazine

Vili V is an extraordinary performer with an irresistible charisma on stage. He'll have the audience howling for an encore! He offers solo performances as well as a full band experience which can include two backup singers and a guest vocalist. For full details including pricing and stage requirements, use the link below for a full download.

“One of the most artful practitioners of roots rock working today. There’s such grab you by the lapel exuberance in his voice that you can’t pay attention to anything else.” - Neufutur Magazine

“…luscious vocals, classic references, and charismatic depth.” – Karl Is My Unkle

 “Vili V’s voice delivers the music with great command and identity.” – The Hamilton Spectator

"Vili will make you groove to his southern rock vibes and stir your soul with his lyrical brilliance...a roots rock singer-songwriter who rewards his audience with songs that portray his prolific artistry." - Sinusoidal Magazine

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