🌸 Remember Your Mother’s Love 🌸

I’m excited to present to you my official lyric video for a song called Mama’s Hands from the album The Journey.
But first a little background on where I got the inspiration for the song and my writing process.  Back in 2005, I came across a magazine article about a boy who noticed his mother’s wrinkled hands while singing in church. At that moment he realized the hard work she did every day to support and raise him and his brother.
The story struck a chord with me. I picked up my guitar and this song came out. I extended the story in the song so that the scene of the boy in church with his mom was a flashback, and in the second verse he is at her grave.
He’s now a grown man sad but thankful that at least his beloved mother is finally at peace and not sick anymore. He sings and wails the chorus in grief “Mama’s hands, oh Lord won’t you bless them? The world’s wealth could never repay the sweat, tears, the pain she suffered. I know she’s finally resting today …”.
Believe me, this made me cry! You probably have a loved one who has passed away it never is easy. But putting those emotions and grief into music has a healing effect on a deep spiritual level.
The music I love and want to share comes directly from my soul. And I hope you feel the love from my heart. Enjoy the lyric video!
What People Are Saying:
⭐ “Vili, if only there were sons like you, that think of their mom this way.. Very touching, you brought tears thinking of my mom. ♥♥♥” – Shirley C.
⭐ “This song is beautiful, Vili. I love the composition and everything about it. It made me cry.”  – Ruth R.Peace and love,


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