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Hello all, there are some new and exciting developments coming up in Vili Land.

In my ongoing production of the music of Roy Orbison, I will be heading to Mocksville, North Carolina, in 2016 for at show at the Brock Center for the Performing Arts. I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and fans, and connecting with the wonderful folks down there.

Coming up this year on Saturday, Aug. 22, Shades of Roy will run at the Backstage Capitol Theatre in Delhi, Ont. A little known fact: Roy Orbison himself actually performed in Delhi not far from the theatre, so it’s a coming home of sorts. Get your tickets at

Also, we had an amazing time on May 29 at the Stirling Festival Theatre in Stirling, Ont. Two great shows were had. Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Stirling Festival Theatre and the fans who came out!